Since the advent of online publishing, literature has sprung up all over the internet.  This is great news!  But, often, this vast quantity of literature is overwhelming and difficult to navigate.

We at Minotaur’s Spotlight hope to bring some organization and (limitation!) to reading literature on the web. We showcase, or “spotlight,” a few great pieces of literature, selected by our editors from the labyrinth of contemporary literary publications.  We choose stories and poems that are great, new-feeling, and discussion-provoking. That way you can read an eclectic array of great new work, without being overwhelmed. We also offer book and magazine reviews as well as commentary on current trends in fiction and poetry.

Minotaur’s Spotlight is a publication of Arcadia University’s MFA Program in creative writing.

Re-current Contributors

Madeline Anthes is a Midwesterner living on the East Coast with her husband and two doxies. She earned her MFA from Arcadia University in 2015, and is now the acquisitions editor for Hypertrophic Press. She has been published in several journals, including WhiskeyPaper, Third Point Press, and Jersey Devil Press. You can find out more about her on madelineanthes.com or on Twitter at @maddieanthes.

Kaylynn Hills is a freelance editor and linguist.  She holds a B.A. in Linguistics from the University of Florida, and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Arcadia University.  Kaylynn also writes speculative and literary fiction, as well as some fabulism.  She has a small, but growing rare book collection, two cats, and an intense hatred for verbalism.  You can find her on Twitter @kaylynnhills, or on Publisher’s Marketplace.

Nick Mehalick lives near the top of a hill in Manayunk, Philadelphia. When he’s not teaching high school English and creative writing at the Girard Academic Music Program in south Philadelphia, he’s playing the drums and writing. For him, music and literature are forever entwined, the boundaries of each perpetually in question, and as such his playing and writing difficult to label beyond use of the word “new.” Nick believes in questioning everything, and finds inspiration in his students and all the sharp parts of life that make us bleed in myriad ways. Nick is a 2016 graduate of Arcadia University’s MFA program.

Jim Warner‘s poetry has appeared in various journals including The North American Review, RHINO, Hobart, No Tokens, New South, and is the author of two collections from PaperKite Press. Jim’s third collection, actual miles,  will be released by Sundress Publications in late 2017. A former managing editor for Quiddity and assistant director of the Wilkes University Creative Writing program, he serves as host of the literary podcast Citizen Lit.  Jim lives in Philadelphia and is a poetry professor in the MFA program at Arcadia University.


Right now, all of the content on this site is actively solicited by our contributors.  We read great work from the current literary landscape and make it available, hopefully conveniently and characterfully, to you.  However, we would like to eventually accept submissions of published work.