Media Rewound: Greenlight Bookstore and One Story Magazine

I discovered this podcast when reading an article on Electric Lit entitled: Eight Excellent Literary Podcasts for Your Morning Commute by Jessica Gross. It is the podcast of an independent bookstore in Brooklyn called Green Light. I was interested in this particular podcast because it was from an independent bookstore and generally featured writers interviewing writers.

I started out with Episode three with Elizabeth Gilbert because Jessica had suggested it in her article. Although I found that episode to be interesting (you should definitely listen to it if you have the chance), the second episode caught my ear for a number of reasons.

The first reason is that it features readings from seven authors that had published their first full-length books. As an author who is looking to publish a book in the future, I wanted to support newly published authors.

Another reason that I picked this podcast was the delivery of the readings. Although the writers seemed a little awe struck at having published their first book, the readings were well executed. They chose passages that were interesting and read them in a way that kept the listener’s attention.

Lastly, I chose this particular episode because in-between readings there are book reviews on other books. These reviews included books that were new as of July 14, 2014. These reviews included books written by first time authors as well as books published by independent presses.

Overall, I think there is a lot happening in this one hour podcast that makes it worth featuring it on the the Minotaur Spotlight. It’s an excellent hour of literature that will get people thinking about what book they want to read next.