Podcast Roundup: SAFTAcast

The SAFTAcast is a bi-weekly podcast featuring authors discussing everything but their writing. The podcast is part of the Sundress Publications arts collective. Unlike most literary podcasts today, the program’s host Scott Fynboe puts the focus squarely on his interview subjects interests beyond the printed page.  As stated on their website:

Seriously, we don’t care what our guests have done. Or how they did it. We will not help our listeners get published, learn the in-and-outs of genre writing, or improve their poetry…we want to know about the creators, not the creation. Who are the people who write, edit, and/or publish stuff? What do they find interesting? What are their passions?

In this episode of The SAFTAcast, Scott and guest Ruben Quesada talk about cooking, living in Los Angeles, and The X-Files.


Episode 54 – Ruben Quesada!