Re-read: “Bernice Bobs Your Hair” by Bill Racicot (Decopunk, 2015)

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short, “Bernice Bobs Her Hair” casts a long shadow through literary fiction.

Many authors have tried their hands at variants and expansions on the story—one of my personal favorites is Kim Newman’s vampiric take called Genevieve Bobs Her Hair where hairdressers wield silver sheers over undead customers.

My other favorite, and the one under discussion today, is a wonderful tale called “Bernice Bobs Your Hair” by Bill Racicot and involves the artful transition from the mundane world of high- society into the supernatural.

“Bernice Bobs Your Hair” mixes 1920s high society snub and snobbery, a woman’s right to work (scandalous for the setting), and a grudge into a blender. Add to the concoction a marvelously foreshadowed twist ending that changes the genre from normal to the fantastic and you have something quite special.

Bernice Bobs Your Hair is at once a homage to a classic short story and standalone. Racicot’s detailed and vivid writing style does a wonderful job of lulling the reader, like Bernice’s friends, into a false sense of security through wit and charm, right until the final line.