Re-read: Fever Dreams by David Trewartha (AWS 2016)

Fever Dreams by David Trewartha is a short story published by AWS Publishing in February 2016. It is about an old man fighting a terrible sickness alone, longing for the comfort of his wife. While battling a fever the old man sleeps heavily and finds relief in dreams of his deceased love. As his sickness gross worse his dreams grow better and it is not long before he slips from reality completely, fighting to live within his dreams, before finally ceasing to live entirely.

As the old man bounces from waking, sleeping, and growing sicker, the writing style matches the story. It grows quicker, slower, erratic, and cheerful. The style of writing matches the story itself wonderfully, allowing the reader to really dive into this world.

Overall, Fever Dreams is a great short story by an emerging writer that encompasses a lot of technical attributes that deserve to be recognized. On a less technical note, the story itself is an emotional roller coaster. The readers ride with the old man through sickness, heartache, joy, and finally sweet happiness. This story is a great short read and should be shared for more people to enjoy.