Real Humans Read Poetry

Recently, Copper Canyon Press announced that it will be releasing previously unpublished poetry of former Chilean poet-diplomat, Pablo Neruda. The poems were discovered serendipitously by workers at the foundation of deceased Nobel Prize winner.

This exciting literary news invited me to rediscover my love of poetry and meditate on its value to humanity. I’m not the only one who’s been reflecting on the true value of poetry.

In April 2014, Robert Lee Brewer of Writer’s Digest wrestles with the question: “What is the value of poetry?

For the vast majority of poets, it isn’t the prospects of financial surplus.

Brewer concludes that the value of poetry is that “poetry is something deeply human,” and I agree with him. Poetry is intrinsically human. Regardless of the number of years we live, humanity is essentially an emotional, yet ephemeral existence. We don’t have much time.

Poetry helps us to express, sort out, share, and celebrate our feelings in a way so direct and stirring that I don’t believe any other media can rival.

Sure other art forms can move us, but not as immediately as poetry can.

Here are a couple of lists of recently published or upcoming poetry collections:

Now, grab one or two or a handful of the recommended poem collections. Use them to get lost in and to navigate through the labyrinth of emotions that it is life on this planet.

Read poetry. Be reminded of what it means to be human.